Friday, February 14, 2014

talitha cumi (before you). a song.

Before you I was never really awake
Before you there were shadows I couldn't chase
I was like a note searching for a song
A ghost too many nights trying to belong

Before you I was a heart trying not to beat
Before you just a treasure lost at sea
How I did resent my wandering feet!
Body full of fear at your hunt of me

But you took my corpse in your hands
Shouted and danced
Talitha Cumi! rpt x2

Before you I lie flat upon my face
Blinded by the light inside this place
Heart beats to the rhythm of your song
I crawl inside your scars and call them my home

Before you I am freed from my slavery!
Before you all my shadows wail and flee
I burn like incense consumed by fire
Awake my soul--awake my desire

And take my corpse in your hands
Shout Lord and dance singing
Talitha Cumi!...

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