Tuesday, July 4, 2017

modern break-up

A modern break-up
Is a terrible thing
I blame technology
For making it easy
To avoid my face
And ghost away
For the spam emails
That alert me to discount flights to Yerevan
Because maybe one day I did a Google search
Because he was going there
And the internet doesn't forget
And Groupon doesn't forget
And the Cloud doesn't forget
And auto-correct doesn't forget
Though maybe my friends will forget
Because they've all had a thousand matches since then
But WhatsApp tells me when he was last online
The seconds beating like
Electronic heartbeats
So for me
He will always be
Unless I unsubsrcibe
To every part of him
And start

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

blue dog

The day you died
Blue Dog fell
I don't know how
A favorite painting knows
When its admirer has departed
But I swear
He knew
When I saw the loosened nail
And his portrait
Face down
In reverence 
Across your chair

super bloom (for californian lovers)

You're not crazy
He cared about you
He just
He gave you sun
Without rain
So you think you are a desert
What you don't know 
Is that tomorrow the torrent will cleanse you
And under your skin
Your thirsty seed
Will rise
A Super Bloom

Saturday, April 8, 2017

once i reached for the stars




You confessed
When I asked about tattoos 
You pointed to three dots
A quiet trinity around your head
A constellation across the map of your skin
I touched one black star
A reminder that once
Your body waged war inside of you
You were marked on the operating table
You suffered 
And survived
I thought they were the loveliest tattoos 
I'd ever seen
And now
When I lay my head upon its only pillow 
And gaze longingly at evening's stars
They all seem too bright
They all seem too far
Like you
What I would give
To kiss your dark stars

Saturday, April 1, 2017

my broken heart is still your home

It's just you and I 
I said 
To God
When the other gentleman 
Walked out of my heart
And left us with enough space 
To do cartwheels 
And repaint the walls
And see each other from every crack
Of rainbow light
Seeping through its still pulsing skin
A promise
After the flood
Where the new landscape seems
And strange
And my patience is tried
By its slow fertility 
Here we are

Saturday, March 11, 2017

no beggar

I feel our bond is breaking 
Like a trampled flower
Before it even blooms
The truth is
We were a bastard seed
The truth is
You were born to poverty
Twice over
And I 
I know the wealth I hold
Under these pauper's clothes
I thought I would gently undress
Lest my riches blind you
Lest you feel unworthy
Because no one is worthy
But you are a strange sort of thief
Who would not steal my heart
Not when I gave it to you on a silver platter
Not when I wrapped it in gold
I suppose I'm to blame
For wearing a disguise 
But alas
I am no beggar 


If these tears could speak
What would they say
He asked
Before the torrent 
To rage
Before he uttered 
I give up
Before I realized
My tears never spoke to me
And I felt my own