Saturday, March 30, 2013

almost a mother

And every day my skin is dry, I am lost by touch under roaming skies

When in she walks still sleeping, cookie crumbs upon her face

Pillow lines from her car dreams slowly vanish from their place

And at that moment my arms become a strong and welcoming nest

She cuddles in like a soft black cat, she surrenders to the rest

I’ll hold her there through all the storms until my skin stops peeling

Til both our needs are satisfied and time has done its healing

And when the clouds part how the sun pours in!

It pierces the windows of our hearts

And my precious little bird awakes, ready for her day to start

I kiss her dimples, kiss her head, a halo for the waking dead

And all her laughter is a song

And all the right now covers wrong

I almost feel a mother now

These little hands around my neck

This is the way God kisses me

I can’t forget, I can’t forget.

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