Friday, January 11, 2013


I am black
Paint me red
Tattoo my body with the colors of the dead
The one I took with my first breath
The mother I followed and the mother I left
Body in the sand
Spirit in God's hand
And I am too black too black for this new land

I have only one father
But he might as well be you
He might as well be green
He might as well be blue
For the color of my mind
As I contrast all my worlds
Looking for passion
As I bury lie on lie hoping that it will be the last one

And when I love
I love
But I've never loved like this
I would empty my veins of all their blood
That blood--it's red like yours
Your sanguine lava rushing on my shores
And that blood makes me white as snow
White like a polar bear
White like my history of fear

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