Sunday, September 18, 2016

in the presence of my enemies

I had a vision
While they were singing
I sat at a long table
Gently lit with candles
And blooming flowers
Filled with foods of every delicacy
Hot and fragrant
Sweet and spiced
I was starving
For I had been in battle
My tired carcass
Not even strong enough to cry
But I grasped the heartiest thing
And shoved it in my mouth
Barely chewing from delight
Each bite so good
So good
I felt like a bride in celebration
Fear was a stranger I no longer knew
This food filled my body
While all around me was dark
And the noise of the battle swelled
I ate and I ate
Deeply satisfied
Like only the longing heart knows
And the more I ate
The more the clashes of death behind me
Seemed to my ears
The sounds of worship

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