Saturday, September 22, 2012

i hope to wake

It started with a fury when my daddy pulled the strings
I felt like a guitar, like someone else was playing me
And now I'm here and I don't complain, I just don't understand
Why I'm walking in my sleep, a stranger in my own land

And I don't know why my mind opens at night
And I don't know why my lungs feel so tight
I will never know why
Darkness is light
Wrong, right
Black, white
...Everyone's fists here are clenched for a fight

I hope to wake today. God forgive me. I'm tired of sleeping.

You know, Oscar taught me something I recall every day
Since the time I read my friends like characters in his play
And I think of them back in their cozy white halls
Where I hang an ideal, like a frame on their walls

And I hope to wake today.

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