Friday, August 10, 2012


The scent of my mother's home settles at my feet
It wraps itself around my bones in welcome
I watch all her treasures march out the door in royal retreat
My childhood echo chases in desperate plea to stop them

The red wall is white and my blood grows white too
I unhinge each knuckle from its grip
I can't sit here forever in my indoor forest
Blackberries sing of summer but I can't take another trip

Here God was always good to me
Here sheltered from the crowd
And now this knowledge makes me sob out loud

We have no claim on our home
It will soon return to dust
But oh how I treasured these skins--even with lust!

Here comes the transformation
Here comes the change
Here comes the emptying

Swallowed in the love
Lost in the missing
Exhaling all of our fears from this being

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