Sunday, August 28, 2011

the temptress was tempted

My heart turned a key when you walked in the room
All the faces lit-up of everyone that you knew
I was the stranger and mine lit-up too!
You were that good.

My heart peered through my eyes; you ignited the stage
With your knives and your forks beating jazz with a rage.
I felt my heart slipping right out of its cage!
You were that good.

After the music stopped you came to rest
You sat down beside me now tired and blest
But I heard you beating on inside my chest!
You were that good.

I smiled to catch your smile mirroring mine
I was your poison but we both felt fine.
Forgotten She who waits for you, is that a crime?
I was that good.

Creeping...under my fingernails
Drooping...eyelids that jetlag fails reason excuses veil!
I. Was. Tempted.

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