Sunday, February 6, 2011

open mouth

I open my mouth, I open up wide
For you to sink into the cracks
And pour into the hollow bones
To every poisonous place I've tried to hide.

I am hungry, hungry like a newly hatched bird
Wondering how it ever got so high,
Watching all the others fly,
Finding a nest-view of life quite absurd.

For I am just a helpless thing tossed by the wind of this city
And despite what you've proven again to be true,
Despite what you've promised,
I still find the hideous glitter quite pretty.

So purge me of all that I've held up so high,
Adored on the lofty pedastle of my mind.
Feed me with manna and not tainted truth
For the world's lusty stars burn the eyes of this youth.

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