Wednesday, December 8, 2010

vladimir and the show*

Dear Vladimir you've put me in a rage.
You strut like a peacock but you're stuck in the zoo.
And I used to believe them too
Until I saw the cage.

There is one thing that I know
Though they think they have style with their toy cigarettes
And they think God creates and then He forgets
And they think mocking Him is new intelligence...
There is one thing that I know:
They are just shadowed marionettes,
And I am so tired of their show.
Yes, I am so tired of this show.

Ah Vanitas Vanitatum!
I would be one of them.
I would be one with them.

I have had my doubts.
But the earth still turns and waxes green
And God still moves and makes me clean
And life is more than this dastard scene...
Yes, vanity gave me all her doubts
So shut up your puppets with their strings!
For life finally means something
When your play has been played out.

Dear Vladimir I would be kinder to you
If you weren't ever taught how to unloose the fetter
If you didn't know better,
But you do.

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