Thursday, September 23, 2010


I wish, I wish I didn't fall like Alice down the rabbit hole
To feed my curiosity in lusty unreality.

Fantastic play the idols of my dream.
In hungry stupor they make me queen.
They blow my heart like heated glass
And fashion it to please their mass.
But it shatters to pieces like ashes at sea
To a dirge of self-discovery.
Oh let me fall! Oh let me fall! I'll live and die in gravity.
The patterns of my colored mind sustain my illusions, let them be.

Still it's lonely here inside my fears; what ghostly company!
How lost I feel floating down these halls wondering if you'll come to me.
Your songs reach me in this hollow cave, they echo sweet and shrill.
They lie to me--heart in my mouth--appease my naked will.

Oh I wish, I wish I didn't fall
And lose myself inside this dream
For all their grandeur and their spark
Our dreams are never what they seem.
Oh I wish, I wish I didn't fall
Full bloody soul into your hand!
For all my visions bold and fine,
I do not like this wonderland.

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