Friday, July 9, 2010

follow the star, a christmas song

Verse 1
Happy Christmas, wherever you are
Near or far, following the footprints of the star
And it will lead you there
And I will meet you there
Under a shining beam, of hope

A Happy Christmas of treasures untold
Not of frankincense, myrrh or gold
But it will catch your eye
Released in a baby's sigh
In a quiet song, of hope

Follow the star, follow heaven's fire
Follow the star, hear the angels choir
Follow, follow the star...

Verse 2
A Happy Christmas, come one come all
Come and kneel at this lowly manger stall
Come and kiss the King
Cease your wandering
On this silent night, of hope

Follow, follow your starlit path
Follow, follow and don't look back
A Happy Christmas, wherever you are

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