Thursday, June 24, 2010

creeping smile *

When I’m quiet and alone
And friendly visions haunt my head
A smile creeps slighly ‘cross my face
It warms me as I lie in bed

It warms my hair, it makes me blush
It sinks within my fluttering chest
It soars on wings across my mouth
It feeds my secret, happy rest

When I am hidden in my thoughts
Swallow’d in my heart’s drowsy pace
A smile like fire in my bones
Courses through bloodstreams to my face

I feel it as I come aware
And conscious happiness escapes
It flies capricious with a sigh
To kiss my face with smiling shapes.


  1. love this. you should add the poem you wrote in Tunisia. it is also very beautiful.

  2. oh yes! i think all of that is at home so I will try and uncover it when i visit! thanks for the nice words :)

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